Sweden’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled index fund

Interest for savings and investing with a sustainable focus has been steadily increasing. We are currently enhancing our range of sustainable investments with the first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled index fund in Sweden. This is an index fund that meets the independent requirements for the exclusion and inclusion of companies based on sustainability criteria.

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All of Handelsbanken’s funds are managed with sustainability aspects taken into consideration. The combination of an index fund and a widely-trusted independent label such as the Nordic Swan aims to simplify the selection of a mutual fund.

“Making the right choice should be easy. It shouldn’t be more difficult to select an ecolabelled fund than to choose an ecolabelled laundry detergent,” says Pär Nürnberg, CEO of Xact Kapitalförvaltning.

Previously, several of the traditional index funds were adapted for sustainability by selecting new indexes with sustainability criteria. When it became possible to ecolabel funds last year, none of the existing index funds fully complied with the sustainability requirements of an ecolabel. As Sweden’s leading provider of index funds and exchange-traded index funds, we saw this as a challenge and began to collaborate with SIX, one of our index providers, as well as ISS-Ethix-oekom, one of our sustainability analysis providers. Together, they have successfully developed an entirely new equity index, “SIX Sweden ESG Selection Index”, which meets the stringent sustainability requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Additional information about XACT Sverige
XACT Sverige is an exchange-traded index fund and its objective is to track the performance of SIX Sweden ESG Selection Index GI as closely as possible. The index consists of large and mid-sized Swedish companies that comply with the sustainability criteria in the index. The sustainability requirements of the index comprise both the inclusion of companies with high sustainability ratings as well as the exclusion of companies in controversial business operations. The change to the name and index does not result in any major change to the fund’s investment focus or risk level.

Responsible investments
Handelsbanken shall contribute to long-term sustainable development and we aim to reduce our environmental and climate impact. Within this context, our funds play a vital role and can contribute to a more sustainable future by influencing the actions of companies. Many of our funds currently have the Criteria label, which means that the funds exclude companies with operations linked to fossil fuels, war materials, commercial gaming, pornography, alcohol and tobacco. Handelsbanken works continuously to develop its range of funds in a more sustainable direction.

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