XACT Sweden All Bond (UCITS ETF)

XACT Sweden All Bond is an exchange traded fund tracking the Handelsbanken Sweden All Bond Tradable Index. The index is a market value weighted index consisting of Swedish mortgage benchmark bonds, nominal government and municipal bonds, all of them with benchmark status. The ETF do's not pay out dividend.

Asset class Fixed income
Replication Synthetic
Assets 413 MSEK
Management fee 0.10 %
Listing NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
Leverage -

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Today -
YTD 4.65 %
Today -
YTD 17.01 %
Today -
YTD 0.66 %
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YTD 6.20 %
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YTD 8.10 %
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YTD 6.13 %
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YTD 6.78 %
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YTD -9.39 %
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YTD 8.81 %
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YTD -12.24 %
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YTD 14.85 %
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YTD -15.90 %
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YTD 7.22 %
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YTD 3.95 %

XACT Sweden All Bond invests in the share price performance of an index that follows the performance of bonds in the so-called benchmark status in Sweden. This is an exchange-traded fund that emulates the Handelsbanken Sweden All Bond Tradable Index.

Exposure and holdings

Trading facts
ISIN SE0007491287
Primary listing NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
Management fee 0.10%
Yearly fee 0.10%

Management fees deducted in percent of average fund capital.

The yearly fee includes the total of management fees, interest fees and other expenses during the year, excluding transaction fees.

Performance Fund¹ Index² Average perf. Fund¹ Index²
2018-04-30 0.52 0.56 2 år 1.01 1.11
2017 3 år
2016 5 år
2015 10 år

¹ Calculated on the fund's monthly closing price

The fund does not have three years of history and therefore no risk measures are presented below.

Risk measures (3 years) 2018-04-30
Total risk -
Total risk in index -
Tracking error -
Information ratio
Sharpe ratio
Sharpe ratio in index

Fund facts
Fund manager Mattias Zetterlund
Country of registration Sweden
Main category Fixed income
Sub category SEK
Date of launch 2/9/2016 1
Total net assets 413 MSEK
Trading currency SEK
currency SEK
ISIN SE0007491287
Fund company facts
Management company Xact Kapitalförvaltning AB
Approval of fund operations 1/1/2016 12:00:00 AM
Custodian Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (Publ)
Legal domicile of fund Sweden
Regulation authority Finansinspektionen
Auditor Ernst & Young AB
Complaints manager Eva Rångevall

Today's market

OMXS30GI -0.41%
OBX -1.24%
Energy -1.66%
Industrials 0.39%


USD/SEK (8.76) 0.11%
EUR/SEK (10.21) -0.50%
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Data source

This information is updated every 15th minute from Millistream. Xact does not assume any liability for errors in the information.

Data source

This information is updated every 15th minute from Handelsbanken. Xact does not assume any liability for errors in the information.