XACT VINX30 changes name to XACT Nordic 30

Stockholm November 29, 2007 Press-release XACT VINX30 changes name to XACT Nordic 30

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As per December 1, 2007 the Exchange Traded Fund XACT VINX30 changes name to XACT Nordic 30. The ISIN-code of the fund will remain the same. The reason for the change of the name is to clarify the exposure of the fund. XACT Nordic 30 is an Exchange Traded Fund tracking the VINX30 index. The fund offers a cost-effective investment representing the performance of the 30 most traded stocks on the Nordic Stock Exchanges. XACT Nordic 30 is the only Exchange Traded Fund in the world that offers exposure to the Nordic region. The performance of the fund since its start on May 4, 2006, has been 12.8 %. The well diversified Nordic exposure offered from the fund has shown better performance than the Stockholm Stock Exchange* which, for the corresponding period, has performed with 3.8 per cent. Exchange Traded Funds are mainly characterised by low management fees and the possibility of intraday-trading. Hence investments in Exchange Traded Funds suit investors having a short term investment view as well as a long term view.