Xact launches Denmark’s first ETF

We are pleased to announce the launching of XACT OMXC25 (UCITS ETF), the first ETF* listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange. XACT OMXC25 provides the opportunity for investors to easily and cost-effectively purchase and sell a basket of the 25 largest and most-traded Danish companies in real time. The low management fee also results in a cost-effective savings.

“I am extremely proud that Xact is the first to list an ETF on the Copenhagen stock exchange. Once again we are pioneers within the ETF segment in the Nordics,” says Pär Nürnberg, CEO of Xact Kapitalförvaltning.

ETFs have been called the financial industry’s greatest innovation of the 21st century and have quickly become very popular as investment and savings vehicles worldwide. Professional investors and small private savers alike understand the benefits of ensuring smooth market exposure at a low cost.

“XACT OMXC25 (UCITS ETF) has, through its transparency and as an index fund, a substantially lower management fee and lower transaction costs than traditional Danish investment associations. These are characteristics that make ETFs so popular, as both a long-term savings vehicle and a tool to make tactical adjustments in your portfolio within seconds,” says Pär Nürnberg.

XACT OMXC25 (UCITS ETF) is traded and priced in Danish crowns (DKK) in real time on the Copenhagen stock market. The fund tracks the performance of the OMXC25GI Index which reflects the returns of the 25 largest and most-traded equities in the Copenhagen stock market. The index currently includes world-renowned Danish companies such as Novo Nordisk, Vestas, Carlsberg and AP Möller, to name just a few.  

Xact – the first and largest in the Nordics

Xact Kapitalförvaltning AB is a Swedish fund management company that specialises in index management. Xact launched the first ETF back in the year 2000 and thereby became the first issuer of ETFs in the Nordics. Approximately MSEK 30,000 is currently managed in our 15 ETFs, which makes us the leading issuer of ETFs in the Nordics.

* ETF, Exchange Traded FundFor further information, please contact:

Pär Nürnberg, CEO, Xact Kapitalförvaltning AB, +46 8 701 34 05

A fund’s historical return is no guarantee of future returns. Investments made in the fund can rise or fall in value, and it is not certain that you will get back all the capital you have invested. The comprehensive information brochure, as well as fund rules, fact sheets and current share price performance is available for each fund at xact.se.Xact does not assume any liability for any errors in the information.

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